Perfect fitting Lingerie is a game changer

Ever had to deal with a falling strap at a dinner party or date, had the back button unhook on its own or worst have the bra completely fall.

We have all had bra issues at some point or the other. All we need is to find a bra that’s your best match, depending on style, color, pricing and fit. For example, when you pick a friend, you consider compatibility and connection, then pick one that fits like a pea in a pod with you. Your bra should be like that, your perfect friend, a color that matches, a size that fits, one which hooks right onto your back and looks just delicious.

 Now let’s consider your body type: are you curvy, voluptuous and delicious, sporty, broad shouldered and tall or petite, elegant and graceful. Then let’s see what’s your best fit.

                                                                  rectangle bodyshape

Rectangle Body Shape: Since a rectangular figure lacks definite curves, something that cinches your waist in would be the best choice. This can accentuate your curves and provide a sensual appearance, corsets or babydolls are a perfect solution for that. You can even go for a belt with garters. Choose bustier undergarments and push-up bras to accentuate your breasts.




Inverted Triangle Body Shape: This type of body shape has a fuller top or a heavier proportion on top than on the bottom. Therefore, its best to wear something that cinches you in at the waist. Another option you can go for is to pair a bralette  with a thong or a matching lacy panty.




Hourglass Body Shape: Those with this body type have a more sculpted smaller waist compared to their hips and bust. Corsets, bodysuits, and garter belts are excellent options. You can also go for a high-leg panty. Or a lace bra along with a thong.


Apple Body Shape: The apple body type has a more rounded silhouette. Lingerie that elongate your body would suit your rounded waistline better. A baby doll dress is always a hit since it defines the bust line. Another fantastic option is a bodysuit or a lace lingerie gown.


                                                                    pear bodyshape

Pear Body Shape: This body type is narrow on top, and wider in the hips and legs. A bustier is likewise a wonderful option to draw interest to your breasts. A lacy baby doll dress that shows little bit of cleavage and flows down around the hips is a great choice.