A Lacy Love Story!

This is a story of our country India. The land of traditions, culture, colours, and beauty. In this deep-rooted culture and traditions there are many taboos and inhibitions making us, sometimes a conservative society. 

One of the greatest inhibitions and the one that's lead to the birth of Candyskin, is the lingerie talk! There are still many parts of our country, where women don't wear bras or girls don't buy their own bras. Small shop keeper uncles sell the basic cottons to the mummies in the name of lingerie. 

Fortunately for us, with the exposure to media, entertainment, films and the internet; we have many girls in India, hiding in their rooms with lingerie magazines or staring at Instagram posts of lingerie brands aspiring to own one pretty little lacy piece someday. 

                                                        pink lace lingerie

 There are many hidden lingerie stories in every closet of India. Either handed down by a mother or secretively bought by a boyfriend. So, here's dedicating Candyskin's Lace Stories Collection to all those closets in our country, where one or another story is looking to come out, to be shown off, to be loved, to be flaunted! 

 Candyskin's Lace Stories is a love affair with lingerie in the true sense. We all hide our lingerie stories, we all hide our lingerie, we cover it up with layers of clothing but our true colours are what lies within. The Lace Stories is a beautiful Bralette collection of pretty, lacy Bralettes in many light, dark and delicate colours that can be shown off and can tell the real inside story of the woman wearing it. 

 There is something for everyone to pick from ­­- Delicate lacy pinks and blues for the coy girls, to the strappy blacks and blues for the bold girls. Wear them under tees or sheer shirts, or flaunt them as is. Let each and every one of us make our own Lacy Love Story!