About the Fit!

about fit

As young adolescents we all have been fighting the fit battle. Either to make them look bigger or make the big sizes fit in to the best sized cups. We at one time or another have envied our friends, sisters or colleagues who have the best supported breasts that look fabulous in every outfit, cause they own the best fitting bra. 

 Well, it's time to get the Perfect Fit with Candyskin Fit Experts! At Candyskin, we follow the international best practices for measuring bust and cup size giving you, your best fitting Candyskin Bra!

 How? You ask, you can get in touch with our Fit Experts?

  1. Walk-in to our store in Mumbai and get a personalized fitting session
  2. Candyskin Fit Consultants are present across 45 stores in India. Write to us and we will help you locate the one closest to you
  3. Take our online Fit Quiz (link the word) and get your Perfect Bra Size within 24 hours!

 Also, you must know a few interesting facts about Bra Fittings:

- Standard sizing differs in the market. So don't get bothered if your C Cup has become a D Cup

- Your size may vary a little from brand to brand

- Always take a Fit Consultant's assistance before buying your bra

- Get your size checked twice every year

- Your size may be different from one style to another style, even of the same brand. For example, you generally might wear a 36C but you may need a 38D in a push-up style.

 So Girls, what are you waiting for? Get your Perfect Fit with Candyskin today!