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Which candy are you?

- By Priyanka Bavishi

Lets take you to the candy shop

Step 1 - Pick a bra



Step 2 - Which one did you pick?

Teal with Pink – Bubble Gum

Green – Peppermint

Blush with Pink – Marshmallow

Nude – Éclair

Orange – Lollipop

Step 3 – Know your candy

Bubble Gum - You are sweet, flexible, soft, delicious, chewy, bubbly, flavourful, colourful, tasty, yummy, lovely, lovable, kissable, light and long lasting.

Peppermint- You are strong, minty, fresh, have lovely shapes, smell great, taste good, feel good, look fine, totally delicious, refreshing, cool, reliable, trustworthy, have great breath and are totally trustworthy

Marshmallow- You are soft, like a cloud, floaty, frothy, melt easily, stretchable, chewy, lightly sweet, round and easy going, kids love you, you bring joy to other’s easily, people like you and feel bubbly and playful when you are around.

Lollipop- You are full of colours and flavours, are hard like a rock, but melt easily when enjoyed and cherished, totally likable, smooth, stand tall on a stick, comewrapped well, not easy to bend or break, are swirled around well,  playful and easy going.

Eclairs- You are tough on the outside but silky smooth inside, oh so chocolaty, irresistibly brown, chewy, gooey, yummy with a burst of flavour.

Don’t forget to be delicious ladies, whilst you're at it visit the website and shop these styles now.


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