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What to look for when buying lingerie

- By Thea Amin

As women, our bodies are constantly changing. During our teenage years, we are just starting to develop boobs and when they first start grow, we feel like they’ll keep going on the up and up forever. Obviously, we know this is not always the case. Some of my friends would complain that they still had to wear training bras at the age of 16 and a few of my friends could never find bras at shops like Victoria’s Secret because they didn’t make bras that came in F cups. This is the beauty of the female body. We literally come in all shapes and sizes.

In my twenties, I fluctuated through 3-4 bra sizes just because there’s the inevitable weight that college puts on your body and there’s all that Jäger. There’s also the healthy phase we all go through once we start working and our boobs continue to change with us during our journeys, which are filled with a strange combination of terrible eating habits and great work-out routines. So how do we find the perfect lingerie with all of the variations and phases we go through as women?

Rule #1: Measure your gals

If you’re shopping for lingerie online like many women, you should still always go to a store and get yourself sized first. Lingerie varies by brand, so you want to make sure you get measured and check the size chart online for the brand you want to purchase. If you’re buying from a shop, have the clerk measure you and tell you your size based on their in-house collection.

Rule #2: Buy 2

If you find a bra or pair of panties you absolutely love, try and buy 2 if you can! Lingerie that fits you like a glove is really hard to find so do yourself a favour and invest in two. You’ll thank yourself later.

Rule #3:  Know when pads are a good idea and not

I have a big chest and I know that I will never need a padded bra. It is quite unnecessary to make my boobs look bigger than they are. If you have small boobs, however, you should opt to buy a padded bra with a wire because it will give you more shape and a lift to give you a fuller look.

Rule #4: Add colour

Don’t be afraid to add colour to your collection of underwear. It’s great to have sets in nude, white, grey, and black, but a little pop of purple or hot pink never hurt anybody. Colours go great under white blouses and t-shirts that you wear on the weekend or a night out.

Rule #5: Honour your body.

Once you get measured and find a style that is suitable to your body, make sure you buy it. Don’t ever buy a bra or underwear in the wrong size because you’re trying to accentuate a certain feature. For example, don’t buy a 34A bra if you’re really a 34B just because you want to add more cleavage. You will end up being super uncomfortable, so get a padded push-up bra in your size and trust that it will do the job just fine.



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