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Weekly Horoscope for September


We know you're working out hard since your sign loves a challenge, but try to go easy this week. Since you’re easily bored may we suggest some good old athleisure, with a fun twist to it? Or even a functional bodysuit would do you good!


Focusing on "me, myself and I" should be your priority starting this week. Indulge in the spirited, flamboyant lingerie you love and dial down the favours you so often do to others! Something with lots of texture in a bright colour is sure to give you that much needed kick!


We know you’re seeking romance this week and not the naughty kinds. Go for something green with a lot of detailing this week!


You’re going to be extra chippy and vivacious this week so may as well feel like a princess on the inside we reckon! Get something with a little shimmer so you feel extra special.


It’s been rough but you need some downtime. Get something sensible in a light colour so you get that much needed comfort but can also truly show off your assets!


Darling, you’re all set to sparkle this week! But don’t burn out! Try something sexy and sheet like a babydoll slip to ensure you've got just the right amount of sheen.


Bound to find love this week, but still be careful. Who says you can’t be yourself on the inside though? Try something silhouetted this week so you’re just the right amount of evasive yet available!


As on most days, this week too, you have a penchant for the undiscovered and the ‘out there’. Why not experiment with your inners yet again? Plum and plunge should do it this week!


You're on a mission this week and prepared to meet your goals like a boss. Go for some power dressing underneath with some dark coloured garters and purple lingerie and you should be set!


If you're single and heading out this week, pack some sparkly inner wear—you might wind up going on impromptu dates, may as well feel sexy on the inside and the outside!


For the multidimensional sign, try something multi faceted with your lingerie this week. Since you’re likely to go into more uncharted territory, may as well have the lingerie to go with it. Try something lacy and green!



Prepare to deal with an ebb and flow this week. You’ll find yourself torn over a lot of things, so may as well be prepared on the inside. Try a babydoll this week, but also keep aside something funky and graphic printed as well!


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