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Thongs and Seamless

- By Thea Amin

How Sisqo’s Thong Song Changed Our Lives

We’re going to come right out and say it. We are tired of seeing you beautiful women walking around in yoga pants, which are meant to be flattering and sexy, only to come around to checking out your hot bums to see imprints where your panty line is digging into your derrière. WHY? We get it; thongs are bloody uncomfortable. They ride up your butt-crack and sometimes ride up your front-crack and this can be painful, especially if you’re into yoga and other fitness regimens. Ever try a Reverse Warrior in a thong? That’s why you’re wearing those granny panties under those yoga pants in the first place, girl. And that shit ain’t cute.

Living in yoga pants is actually a thing these days so I’m sure many women can share some of these sentiments. You’re not alone. Remember when we were wee teenage girls, getting teased countless times because our panty lines would show under our tight flared pants, dresses, jeans, and dance leggings? Enter 1999, when many of us were still pre-pubescent or just getting there, and Sisqo decides to grace our worlds with the Thong Song. Everyone was doing it and by it, we mean wearing thongs. While many of us can’t relate to being affected by the frenzy that surrounded this song, we can relate to how it affected our own independent collections of boring ass panties. Thongs had to be purchased, but how on earth could we explain these tiny pieces of nearly non-existent fabric to our nosey and conservative Indian mothers when they found them in our laundry? Back then, thongs had a reputation for being only for sexy purposes, if you get my drift. There weren’t ranges and ranges of thongs that one could choose from, and they almost always had lace somewhere on them, which made them look well, sexy.

Alas, we are no longer living in the dark ages, where thongs only come in the sexy variety, but they also happen to be available in the functional variety. Also, we are no longer living in the times where panty lines should be considered as the norm. So what do we do if we don’t like thongs and we don’t like panty lines? Get a great pair of seamless panties OR seamless thongs. Seamless thongs are extremely light and really feel like nothing. You won’t even feel that bad boy going up your bum, I promise. These varieties of panties weren’t always available in India, but now they are. And, you can find them at affordable prices and they aren’t clad with lace.


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