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Popular Black Bras

- By Thea Amin

Little Black Bra for your Little Black Dress

The little black bra and the little black dress essentially go hand-in-hand. You can’t really have one without the other. The good news is that today, most women have more than just one little black dress, therefore it only makes sense for us to have more than one bra. Some would argue it’s absolutely essential, because you base what you’re wearing underneath that black dress on a few different factors such as whom you’re planning on meeting, and where you’re going. Of course if you’re going for a work event, you’re not going to wear a push-up lace bra underneath that low-cut black dress. So let’s break this down based on the kind of black dresses you have hanging in your closet.

1. The Strapless Black Dress: If you’re planning on wearing a strapless dress, it’s only natural that you opt for a strapless black bra. Whether you have a small or big bust doesn’t really matter in this situation because you must always choose to go for a strapless bra with an underwire. If you’ve got a smaller chest, it will give you a little boost so you don’t look so flat and if you have a big chest, you will still need that underwire to give you support so your breasts don’t look like they’re sagging. It’s probably the most important to choose the right bra with the right support for a strapless dress more than any other dress style.

2. The Low-Plunging Black Dress: If you have a smaller chest, it is recommended that you wear a push-up bra with an underwire for this style. If you’re going on a hot date, the lace version of the push-up may suit your purposes better. If you have a bigger chest, you can even go for a comfortable, yet supportive bra like the high support wire-free variety if you don’t want your date to be staring at your cleavage the whole time. If you need an underwire, wear the t-shirt bra whichhas minimal padding and great support.

3. The T-Shirt Black Dress: This is probably the most uncommon type of black dress, but this has been a trend we’ve seen come up a lot in the past year. There’s no surprise that one would opt for a t-shirt bra with the t-shirt dress, but this isn’t always the case. Sometimes T-Shirt dresses can be really light, therefore causing it to be slightly translucent. In this case, you can even go for the plain wire-free bra or the high support wire-free bra so that you can get the best amount of coverage. In addition, depending on how tight this dress is will also help you select the right type of bra. If your dress is on the more form-fitting side of things, you will most likely want to have some kind of underwire supporting your girls. Whatever you do, avoid wearing a strapless bra with any type of dress that doesn’t need it.


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