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Nude Bra vs white bras

- By Thea Amin

Colour or Nudes: What bras work better under whites?

For years before nude bras and panties were popular or even a thing, we would walk around trying to match our innerwear to our outerwear, thus making it difficult to pull of certain lighter coloured clothes. The problem with matching your bras and panties to your clothes or wearing white under white is that since the fabric on top is still translucent, you can see your undies gleaming proudly underneath. No matter how hard you try, your undergarments will never exactly match the colour of your clothes. So what’s the solution here? NUDE EVERYTHING.

Nude bras and panties automatically blend into your natural skin tone so you can’t see them underneath white, pastels, neon, or any shade including black for that matter. There was once upon a time when one could only find really light shades of nude, but now there a variety of shades to accommodate darker skin tones so you can rest assured that it won’t pop out from under your clothes. Here are some instances where nude innerwear will be your best friend.

1. White pants and shorts: White pants are really difficult, especially if you plan on wearing a crop top or a top that doesn’t end up covering your bum. White pants are a statement, so you want to make sure that the statement you’re making isn’t “I have on pink panties under my pants so the world can see.” Even if you’re not keen on thongs, try nude seamless panties. Depending on if your pants have pockets or if they’re denim, they’ll be practically invisible. If you do happen to be comfortable in thongs, prevent any potential bunching around your bum and go for the nude thong.

2. White, pastel, or neon-coloured dresses: Nude bras and seamless panties will be perfect under these dresses. Many women feel uncomfortable wearing thongs under shorter dresses because what if the wind blows and your entire bum is on display? Depending on the cut of your dress, you can easily get away with regular nude panties and a bra. Neon-coloured outfits are also tough, because you can almost always spot white underneath them because technically speaking white is brighter than any other bright shade you can find.

3. White or light-coloured blouses and business shirts: Blouses are generally light and especially the ones that come in the sheer variety will need to be worn with a nude bra. If you don’t have a nude bra, try a regular bra under a nude camisole. Nude bras also go really well under collared business shirts. White or light blue are popular colours for women’s business shirts but most of the time, you can spot a white bra underneath them even if it is a shirt made of thicker material. CandySkin currently has a push-up plain bra in a nude shade, so try this bra out while we continue to add more nude styles.



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