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How to Style Your Outfit to Give a Peek at Your Bra

- By Thea Amin

There was once a time when we were young and bold. We were in college, and we wore our bras for the sole purpose of showing it off. In retrospect, it was the epitome of a faux pas.

That’s the beauty of the difference between our early twenties, late twenties, and eventually our thirties. The early twenties are for experimenting; late twenties are for evolving; thirties are for empowering ourselves through fashion. While showing our bras off is still considered to be tacky in a lot of instances, there are ways that you can pull it off and still look downright sexy.

1. Bralettes

This lingerie invention is a woman’s new BFF. Like, where have bralettes been my whole life? These beauties come in all styles and cuts and can even be worn alone without it actually looking like you’re just wearing a bra. Pair a lace bralette that has a thick under strap for extra coverage with a cute high-waisted skirt or jeans, add a chunky layered necklace, strap on some heels, and you’ll be ready for a night out on the town.

2. Off-the-shoulder shirts

The most flattering shirt you own just became even more flattering. Showing off one beautiful lace bra strap with these baggy get-ups gives this casual look a perfect dash of spice. Whether it’s a t-shirt or a shirt that’s created to be an off-the-shoulder style, you can show off your sports bra, a bralette, or even a regular bra that is colourful if you want it to really pop. The black on black combo can be really sensual also.

3. Shirts with a deep armhole

A bright-coloured brapeeking out from under these shirts is a must because they werebasicallycreated for the sole purpose of being able to see your bra from the side. I usually wear a sports bra or a lace bralette under these shirts because these styles ensure you don’t have any side-boob or back-fat popping out.

4. Strappy camisoles, blouses, and dresses

This is a classic, ‘have a peek at my bra’ type situation that one should not resist indulging in. Anytime you’re wearing a strappy blouse or dress, don’t be afraid to show off the thin straps of your bra. Especially if you have a big bust, wearing a strapless bra with these styles would mean that your boobs would not stay in place long enough to make it through the day or night.You can also use this to your advantage and wear something low-cut, so in the event you’re wearing something with a little bit of lace, it won’t go unnoticed.


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