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Horoscope for November


It’s going to be an adventurous week, so be prepared! The Ram loves lingerie in orange and red, so go for just that!


There’s going to be some promising business partnerships and maybe new love angles. Try some high heel leather stilettos and some fishnet stockings for good measure!


An unexpected attraction could leave you shaking your head in disbelief! Maybe a taffeta gown will do the trick this week!


You're going to have a hard week so ensure there’s lots of physical activity and mental endurance. For this week, go for a long flowing nighties that is sheer or maybe covered with sequins or embroidery for a little fun!


You may be feeling a little lazy off late, but this week is especially flirty and flamboyant!

Let Silk, satins and velvet be you’re go to for this week!


Take it easy and maybe try rearranging some furniture for fresh perspective this week. Try a white cotton nightie or a kimono for this week!


If you're struggling to find momentum, this week you should be able to find it and finish all your work projects! Full garters and some see through lingerie should do the trick this week!


When you clock out of work, slow down and savor the present moment, before it all slips by too soon! Why not relax a little and show off your softer side in a Bralette?


It’s your week and it’s time to wake up! Use this week for some serious Self reflection!

Go for some Orange and yellow to liven up!


It’s going to be a week of revelations and this time is bound to make you sharper and smarter! blue or yellow are definitely your colors for this week!


Don’t be afraid to ask for help this week! You're going to be stressed out with the year end workload! Tight fitting, futuristic lingerie will probably do the trick!


It’s going to be an exciting week, so try not to let what others think of you bog you down! Go for a garter or floral nightgown for some true excitement this week!



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