Hello December

Its December again, best time of the year for those who love the holidays, x-mas parties, new year’s celebrations or just the cool weather.

It’s that time of the year when Jesus was born, also end of another year, time to look back and cherish all the good memories and make new resolutions for the coming year.

Here are some cool ideas for celebrating the month of December

Take a fun trip, to go to a faraway destination or close by, whether you’re a beach bum or a mountain fan. You may just want to holiday at one of the Top 10 hottest destinations for the season.


Cook something for friends and family. Bake cookies, cakes, try new recipes.  Try a DIY, make something cool and quirky, you’ll be proud later. Have get-together’s, cherish and relish the beautiful moments from this year. It’s the most relaxing and truly a fun way to connect and Adieu the beautiful year you had. And more importantly be thankful for the people we have in our lives. Be grateful.

 Donate your unneeded and unnecessary winter clothes, blankets, old things you don’t need for those who are less fortunate. Spread the happiness by putting a smile on somebody’s face. Be kind and Be generous, stay blessed.


Write down about accomplishments from this year, set new goals for the new year coming by and be focused on them, it’s good to know where you are and where you want to go, like a road map to guide you. Don’t forget to add your dream list on to your goal list, only if you dream it, believe it, see it, tell it, plan it, work it and enjoy it only then it will lead you to success.


For those cute small little things like candles, watches, showpieces, lucky charms for your homes, buy gifts and other little things, Play the Secret Santa. Stay merry!!!Buy and write greeting cards or pack Christmas gifts, it’s fun and those to receive them will truly be delighted.


Do something for animals, leave some food or water for the strays,

Adopt a pet, feed a cow, go to a cow shed, or an animal shelter and help in whatever way you can, animals maybe cold in the winter and they need our love and support and your warmth.


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Make the most of the Christmas sales; after all they come once a year. Yayy baby, time for the Retail therapy, it can fix a lot more than just your wardrobe.

Catch up on some movies, newly opened restaurants, pubs and other fun activities to feel a sense of community and festivity. Feel the FUN ‘N’ FESTIVE vibe.

Sit on your terrace and do some stargazing!!

Also, you can have a barbeque or a bon fire and sit around it, play music and don’t forget to just NETFLIX AND CHILL with your loved ones, holidays call for couching, pajamas parties and conversations so hearty!!!

If you’re not that into x-mas tree’s, plant a tree, grow some fresh herbs by your window, it’s fun and also good for your environment. KEEP GREEN, FEEL SERENE.

Have at least one meal with the elderly, or spend time with children and make sure their hearts are warm.


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