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Bras for your body type

- By Thea Amin

The Best Bras for Your Body Type

It’s so beyond important that we get sized almost every six months because our bodies fluctuate so often. More importantly, we all have unique boobies and these will keep changing throughout our lives too. So, what’s the best bra for your bust?

1. Small breasts

Push-up bras are not always the obvious answer here. Though it will give you a good push, you also want to try and get a something with a demi cut so it can give you that extra lift and the perfect touch of sensual cleavage.

2. Shallow breasts

No, this doesn’t just mean saggy boobies. Some gals just naturally have breasts that are fuller at the bottom rather than the top. In this case, a bra with a slight push helps making your breasts look rounder. Also, a bra with wider straps will help amp the volume up.

3. Conical breasts

What a funny way to describe boobs, right? This basically means your nipples point upwards, thus giving your breasts a thinner shape. You will want to go for a bra that is completely padded for a fuller shape.

4. Wide-set breasts

Do your nipples almost point outwards? An underwire bra would probably make you really uncomfortable since the wire is placed in a way suitable for breasts that face forward. A full triangle-shaped bra will push them closer together. Also, a t-shirt bra would work well because of the plunge.

5. Large and perky breasts

Congratulations. You’re one of the rare ones. Based on your personal comfort level, you could almost pull off any bra or probably even no bra. Shake, shimmy, and rejoice in your perfection.

6. Large and shallow breasts

This can happen as we get older and gravity starts to have its consequences. Try a fully supported style with a thick back strap.


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