Lingerie – to celebrate your body. Who doesn’t love lingerie! In fact, who doesn’t like to see women in lingerie?

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“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow.”

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This may come as a surprise to some of you, but not every couple decides to frequent a beach destination on their honeymoon. Honeymoons are an exciting time in a couple’s life, not only because it’s your first official vacation as a married couple, but also because wedding planning is a stressful thing and you’re finally free and you can really start enjoying yourself as newlyweds. It’s an important time for you to bond as a family and experience something new together. So, why shouldn’t some sexy lingerie be part of this picture, too? Try these lingerie styles for these specific honeymoon destinations.

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A lot of times our lingerie can hold the key to our happiness, or the key to our feeling meh. That’s even why we have a separate stash of period panties that we keep for our time of the month when we’re feeling meh.

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Ever look around in a room filled with women and judge them based completely on what they’re wearing or not wearing? I know we’re not supposed to admit these things out loud but it happens, and we are all totally guilty of doing this. So what are some common lingerie faux pas that should be avoided at all costs?

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Why Choose Us

The world is going digital but what about the personal touch? Don’t worry we have got your back. At Candyskin we aim to spread the personal touch in the Online Lingerie Shopping in India.

The atmosphere of the shops makes it too embarrassing for us to ask about valid questions regarding strap fitness or cup size, we realized that this is an experience that almost all Indian girls around the country had to go through. That needs to be changed. Thus, CandySkin was born. A premium lingerie brand made for women, by women that make online lingerie shopping convenient with a personal touch.

It's time to be delicious with Candyskin. Explore a wide range of lingerie for different occasions. From the everyday essential of strapless bra to the flirtatious Lace Bra and the classic push up bra to the special lingerie for honeymoon . Buying lingerie isn't just shopping, it is an experience. Having had this experience, we vowed to bring this to the Indian market in the form of Candyskin. Our brand stands for luxury and comfort at its finest.

A way to be delicious. A way to be you.

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